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Drake Womens’ Tennis season in review

Drake’s women’s tennis team completed their fall season competition just weeks ago, and on Dec. 3, they had their last official practice for the semester. 

The team’s spring season is their main season. Even with the couple of weeks off that the Bulldogs have with winter break, they still will prepare for the season ahead. While the Bulldogs are on campus, they will have access to the tennis courts, where they can hit with each other whenever they want. 

“Since we are still going to be here for two more weeks, it’s great that we are able to have access to the tennis center and that we have each other to hit with,” senior Kelsey Neville said.

Last semester, due to COVID-19, the tennis center was not always open for the team to go and practice as there were certain hours that they were allowed in. 

“Being able to still practice with each other while we are here will help us stay on top of our game and help us get ready for the spring season,” Neville said. “Last semester we were not able to, so having the opportunity this semester is great.” 

Student-athletes still have the chance to work in the weight room if they would like to as well. 

“Being able to also workout while we are still on campus is great,” sophomore Ines Stephani said. “I think it’s really important to keep our bodies in shape for the spring season.”

The women’s tennis team was given a possible workout program by their strength coach, that they could follow when they are at home during break or even here when they go in for their optional lifts. The Bulldogs will also continue to practice while they are off campus, and on break from school. 

“Going back home for winter break, I’ll be able to go back to the tennis club that I trained at prior to coming to college and hit with some of my friends there or other college players,” first-year Yana Gaskell, said. 

After finals end on Dec. 17, the tennis team will have a break until Jan. 4, when they return to campus to start training for their spring season. 

“While I am on break and at home I am still going to continue to practice,” junior Kendall Hunt said. “I will probably reach out to other collegiate tennis players and practice with them for the two weeks that we have at home.”

The team will start competing shortly after returning to campus in early January. Their first dual match of the spring season will be on Jan. 15. 

Their first weekend back into competitions is filled with two different matches. The Bulldogs will take on Marquette University in Iowa City.  Drake women’s tennis will stay another day in Iowa City to play the University of Iowa on Jan. 16. 

“I’m excited to get back to competing soon,” said Daria Walczak. “Playing in the spring season is a great feeling, as well as competing side by side with my teammates. Our first two matches are going to be against tough schools, but I am determined that we will compete and fight through each of them.”


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