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Campus Fellowship for Christian Students

Photo by S. Hermann and F. Richter | Pixabay

Campus Fellowship allows for students to further grow in their faith with weekly Bible study meetings for all upperclassmen and first-years. 

This organization allows for all upperclassmen to attend Bible study meetings on every Monday at 8 p.m. outside of Olmsted. For first-year students, each different residence hall has a weekly Bible study meeting posted in their halls. 

Ellisa Kim, a fourth-year pharmacy student, is involved in campus ministry. She is the current leader of a Bible study and helps with the women’s ministry at the local church. Kim is “so excited” for the events that are happening every week including Bible studies and hopes for others to get involved. 

Lily Oram, a fifth-year in her third year of pharmacy school, said there are many ways to get involved with campus fellowship. 

“There are a few different meetings that happen each week. On Mondays, we have Bible studies which are smaller groups that become like a family as they spend time together reading the word of God. On Thursdays, we have a midweek service for college students, which includes students from other campuses in the Des Moines area like Grand View and DMACC. This includes a worship and sermon. On Fridays we typically have fun hangouts like sand volleyball, pumpkin carving and move nights. Then on Saturdays we all attend the church together at Walnut Creek Church downtown in Des Moines,” Oram said. 

Oram said that all students are welcome to attend, and they would love to see new faces at their weekly events. 

Tawnee Henze, a senior studying public relations and advertising, says her favorite things about Campus Fellowship is learning more about Christ while being in a community. 

Henze said she enjoys going to these events and worshiping God through music, a message and hearing fellow students share their testimony about how God has changed their lives.

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