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Track and field team prepares for Relays

Photo courtesy of Drake Athletics

After hard training that the Men’s and Women’s track and field team has been doing for both their indoor and outdoor seasons, and now while still training for their outdoor season, runners must also think about and train for possible competing in Drake Relays. 

Track and field trains on and off the track; they are in the weight room a total of two times a week and have practice about five times a week. Track and field have head coach Asha Gibson and Drake’s Cross country’s head coach is Jay Koloseus. 

Freshman Mac Pursell explains how the training plan so far has remained the same, “ I’m not sure as of now if our training schedule will change, but we are still on our coaches yearly training plan, we do different things and progress forward as we move through different phases during the training as the year progresses which are when the bigger meets happen such as Drake Relays,” Pursell said. “Overall, all of the training that we have done so far Personally, I feel like it has helped me improve as a collegiate athlete.”

Students- Athletes on the Drake Track and Field team are not completely sure who is competing in relays yet because the runners need to qualify individually for the competition. Even though they are unaware if they are for sure competing in Relays or not the Bulldogs are still training hard every day just as if they knew for sure that they are competing. 

Freshman Bria Rhodes explains her thoughts on the training that herself and her team have been doing in preparation for Relays “We’re basically doing the same training that we have done all year but for me, my mindset is even more focused for Relays.”

Senior D’Andre Forbes explains how he will prepare for Relays if given the chance to compete in it, “I am going to continue to do the same thing every day.”

Even though Forbes makes it sound easy, being able to stay focused daily can be very useful to help prepare someone for the competition ahead. Rhodes explains how she feels about going into relays with the training that she has been doing.

“Personally, coming into Drake running in relays has been a goal of mine,” Rhodes said. “I think the preparation that our coaches have planned for us will help myself and the team during Drake Relays as well as the others in the rest of our outdoor season.”

Another athlete on the Track and Field team explains his thoughts on the preparation they have had going into relays “Overall, everyone is working hard in training because everyone wants to allow themselves the best opportunity as possible to do their best in Relays if they are allowed the opportunity to run in the competition,” Pursell said. 

Drake Relays is only a couple weeks away, and the Bulldogs are excited for the chance to compete and are doing the right things in training to help prepare themselves for the competition ahead. There are spectators allowed if you would like to support your fellow Bulldogs while they run in Drake Relays.


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