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Track and Field Compete in Intersquad Meet

Men’s and women’s track and field teams have been training on campus at Drake and using the facilities since September. The track and field team (both men’s and women’s) recently had an intersquad meet on Oct. 14 and there were 6 different events: the 600-meter, 300-meter, 150 meters, 6X4, 1K and a 5K.

Leading up to the event, there was an activity recovery week which consisted of easier practices and less demanding workouts. The whole track team was split into two teams to compete against one another, and the meet took place here on campus at Drake in the Blue Oval in the Knapp Center.

The teams, blue and grey, tied at the end of the match.

According to first-year Dylan DeAngleo, he had a positive time at the meet.

“I really enjoyed being on the track competing with my team and cheering them on from the sidelines as well,” DeAngelo said. “The conditions during the meet were a little challenging due to the cold weather, and preparing for each of the races was a challenge as well due to the times of races. The one downside to the race was that we were not allowed to have spectators and could not have our fellow teammates cheering us on.”

DeAngleo raced in the 600-meter dash and the 6X4 relay.

First-year Bria Rhodes competed in the 600; however, due to the harsh conditions from the cold weather and an unrelated injury, she was unable to finish the race.

“It was great to be out on the track even though it did not go my way,” Rhodes said. “I loved the atmosphere that the whole team created as well as contributing to it while cheering on my fellow teammates when they were racing. It was cool to have the opportunity to train with distance runners since we usually do not get the chance to.”

Another first-year, JoJo Nguyen, competed in 600.

“I was excited to have the opportunity to get out and run with everyone,” Nguyen said. “The whole experience was positive, and I am looking forward to the spring season because of it.”

First-year Ayana Brown completed the 150.

“I feel like the meet really helped the team bond and gave us a glimpse at what it is like to compete again,” Brown said. “I ran the 150 which was fun and demonstrated my abilities with the sprints and my ability to be on the team as a Drake athlete, I am looking forward to spring season to be able to compete in more events!”

Another first-year, Mady Klebenow, competed in the 1K.

“Personally, I think it went really well,” Klebenow said. “I’m super happy to have had the opportunity! Everyone did a great job, and the energy was great, I am looking forward to more events.”

All Bulldogs that competed in the meet had a great experience and are looking forward to competing in more events like these as well as spring season. Although nothing can be predicted, they will continue to work hard and prepare for their events on the tentative schedule that they were given.


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