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Netflix is changing with the end of many popular shows


We are truly at an end of an era for Netflix this year. Because while we’ve known for months that House of Cards was coming to a close, the other hit show that launched the popularity of the site’s original programming, Orange is the New Black, is also ending. While House of Cards was supposedly always going to end with its sixth season, Orange is the New Black ending is a bit more surprising given its popularity and the fact that its structure could easily allow the writers to keep going with a new set of characters every couple of years. So, how should fans feel about that?

While any good show ending is always going to bring some sadness, Orange is the New Black is going to be ending with its seventh season and honestly, I think that’s perfectly okay. It’s time for it to end because seven years is a pretty good stopping point for a show. Hell, five years is a pretty good stopping point, because, after that, there’s always this element of, ‘where else can the show go exactly that’s not going to be repetitive?’ Which brings to mind Breaking Bad, which chose to end on a high note during its fifth season.

I just hope Orange is the New Black can end on a high note without some of the problems of the last couple of seasons. Like forgetting that the show’s supposed to be a black comedy and taking itself way too seriously like in seasons three and four. Or the subpar writing of season five, which series creator Jenji Kohan has compared to fan fiction.

In addition to that, an even more surprising cancellation has also come in the form of Luke Cage, which is bowing out after only two seasons. Despite strong reviews from critics, the show was ultimately canceled due to creative differences between Netflix and the show’s writers. Now, I really didn’t like season two because, despite the strong performances from the cast and an excellent new villain, the season’s serious pacing problems just killed my interest in anything. I do consider the show’s cancellation unfortunate because I was looking forward to season three. The setup they put in place at the end seemed like it was going to be really interesting.

Finn Jones, the star of Iron Fist and the Zeppo of the Defenders, has also reacted to Luke Cage’s cancellation by posting the below photo on Instagram. Which, coupled with Iron Fist’s own cancellation, has led to speculation of the creation of a Heroes for Hire series. In which he and Luke Cage or Power Man as he is called in the comics would do hero work, but for hire. The premise is pretty self-explanatory, I probably didn’t need to say that.

Besides Heroes for Hire, where else can Netflix go from here? Well, I’d say they could become a little more selective with what original products they greenlight. Does Insatiable and everything Adam Sandler’s done for them ring any bells? I’ve also heard demands for Percy Jackson and the Olympians series from its fans, which I think has potential. After all, what are the odds it ends up worse than the movies?


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