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Summer bucket list: 15 things to do during summer 2015


1. Swim in a natural body of water
Find any natural body of water and take a swim to cool off. Taking a dip in the pool is great, but nothing compares to the experience of swimming in a lake or the ocean.

2. Go someplace new
Whether it’s going to a theme park you’ve never been to before or just to the new boutique in your town, going someplace new is always refreshing.

3. Drive as far from the city lights as possible and try to see the Milky Way
Living in the city, it’s easy to forget that stars actually do exist. Even if you have to take a long drive out to see the constellations, I promise it’s worth it.

4. Write a random, potentially deep book, have Professor McCrickerd read and comment on it.
Once you get it back from her, respond to all of her comments with, “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” and “I think you’re missing the author’s point.”

5. Successfully complete one Pinterest DIY project
This may be easier said than done.

6. Unsuccessfully complete 10 Pinterest DIY projects in your attempt to successfully complete one
This will definitely be significantly easier than the previous idea.

7. Read a book because you want to and don’t think critically about it.
As college students, we often forget that reading for fun can actually be fun. Pick up the best-seller you’ve been dying to get your hands on and just read. No essays, no critical analysis, just good old-fashioned reading for fun.

8. Compete with your friends to see who can blow more bubbles while running through a field. Take videos.
Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Yes, it will be tons of fun. Embrace your inner child and just have fun with this one.

9. Binge watch that TV show you’ve been wanting to watch all semester but didn’t have time for (even if you watched some of it anyway to procrastinate)
Dying to see what all the hype is about on Netflix? Didn’t have time to watch 12 episodes a day during the semester? Use your free time to indulge in your next guilty pleasure.

10. Go on a roadtrip
Grab a few friends and an overnight bag and go to the nearest campsite or cheap hotel. Even if you’re on a limited budget, going somewhere fun with friends can be the best memories you’ll make all summer.

11. Start a blog
Pick something you do every day (or something new you’re dying to try) and tell the Internet about it. Someone out there on the interwebs will be interested in what you have to say.

12. Choose your summer anthem and make a kick ass music video for it
Remember those middle school webcam videos you used to make with your friends jamming to your favorite song? Make a better version of that with a cool music video.

13. Try to get famous on YouTube
The music video from number 12 seems like a great place to start for this one.

14. Sneak into a pool
While I can’t encourage you to break the law, this one might actually be pretty fun.

15. Go a full day without technology
This one sounds pretty scary, but if you can make it through the whole day without using technology, I guarantee you’ll be proud of yourself for living fully in the real world for once.

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