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Impactmurals: the significance of intramurals


Participating in four years of intramurals at Drake has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my college career. I played sports competitively in high school, and intramurals was a great transition from that.

One of the great things about Drake intramurals is that if you can’t get any of your friends to play, you can get picked up as a free agent. All you have to do is fill out a short bio and pick a sport. One of the newest features in intramurals is this new mobile app, Rec’it, which will link up with your Drake intramural account and notify you with game updates and reminders.

Long story short, whether you’re looking to just play some volleyball with friends or get into a heated match of basketball, intramurals never disappoint.

Some of the funniest memories I have at Drake came when I was a first-year, being a part of the intramural volleyball team, Unprotected Sets. We could bump it, we could set it, we could spike it, but most importantly, we had fun out on the court.

Our team was comprised of my friends from First-Year Seminar and fourth floor Herriot. The whole floor turning up for games turned into a tradition throughout the year as we would be playing music, cracking jokes and attempting to get the ball over the net.

After winning a match, we would run into our residence hall chanting, “Unprotected Sets, Unprotected Sets!” until our RA would finally tell us to quiet down. To this day, I can’t play volleyball without thinking about those glory days.

As of late, I’ve been kicking around the soccer ball in the Drake Fieldhouse for some indoor soccer action. This was a little more competitive than the recreational volleyball season, as I was competing in fraternity league soccer now. The great part about indoor soccer was it had all the fun and joking around of recreational league, but also brought some tougher competition along with it.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a superstar athlete to go out and have some fun. Drake intramurals has a little something to offer everybody. So go, grab some friends, make some new ones and get onto the field.

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