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Letter to the Editor: DEAL Pursuing Solutions

As a graduate of Drake University (JO ’92) and former member of the Drake Environmental Action League (DEAL), I would really like to read more news about DEAL’s activities and especially their “divestment from fossil fuels”campaign. Could you please assign a reporter to cover their meetings and write a roundup of DEAL’s efforts and successes? I believe they are pursuing an extremely important long-term objective right there on Drake’s campus — improving the chances for long term survival of human civilization.

The science is in. Ninety-eight percent of expert scientists in the field believe the man-made climate change is accelerating at a pace which will cause the conditions on this planet to vary well outside the range of climate which has allowed human civilization to develop over the past 10,000 years. Surely you’ve heard of this issue. If not, please read up. I would be glad (as I’m sure DEAL members would) to provide sources of background information to aid in your reporting.

The science is in. The time is now to turn away from 19th century energy technology and embrace a space age energy system which will allow our progeny to thrive for the next 10,000 years. Burning fossil fuels is incompatible with this goal.

Drake University’s $120 million endowment is currently (partially) invested in the companies that are a large part of this problem. Everyone associated with Drake University should be urging Drake’s leadership to remedy this self-destructive behavior. Divesting from fossil fuels would be a good first step. Transitioning the roofs of every campus building to photovoltaic power platforms would be another important step.

Drake’s image is at stake. Drake will be judged by the actions it takes to lead the way, or fall behind due to inaction.

Drake will surely be negatively financially impacted if they retain their investments in fossil fuel companies as the world transitions to less harmful power sources, and the value of those investments plummet.

There will be many great stories from many angles to tell along the way and I would love to read about them in The Times-Delphic. Please help the greater Drake community follow the people and events as this transition takes place. Thank you for your attention.


Perry Thomas



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