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Bylaws change adds two new OC members

Story by Emma Wilson

Student Senate passed two bylaw changes this week. It discussed the creation of a historian as an ex officio member and a change in the Organizational Council bylaws.

The historian would organize and document Student Senate files. The historian would also assist in the process of documenting senators’ outreach. The position will be reviewed after the 2013-14 Student Senate session to evaluate whether the position should be continued.

The Organizational Council bylaw change was made to make the Organizational Council more effective. Presently there are two senators on the Organizational Council and an Organizational Council chair. Senate has come to the conclusion that having only two Organizational senators would be more effective — they will both sit in on the Student Affairs committee meetings in order to connect more with student organizations.

In Vice President of Student Life David Karaz’s officer report, his intern, Nicole Germann, gave a presentation about the changes students had expressed desire for. One of the major concerns expressed was the time change in the dining hall hours. Sen. Ethan Gascho suggested the contract with Sodexo should be evaluated because Sodexo is shortening its workday but the university is still paying them the same amount.

Karaz introduced a plan for next year where each senator would need to get one tangible thing done during the year. He encouraged senators to work toward solutions instead of constantly discussing problems.

Student Senate had several guests this week, and many of them were potential candidates for Student Senate next year. Official campaigning for Senate elections began yesterday. The election will start April 8 and finish April 9 at 11:59 p.m.


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