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Netflix original show is ‘explosive’

Column by Matthew Roth

Roth is a first-year philosophy major and can be reached at matthew.roth@drake.edu

MattRoth-w2000-h2000If you are looking for the next big thing in media, look no further than the new Netflix original series, “House of Cards.” This dynamic new show portrays modern day politics on Capitol Hill and all of the drama that ensues. It follows protagonist Frank Underwood, played by the dynamic Kevin Spacey, as house majority whip. As the viewer, you join the world of a powerful politician and watch the many power plays that he makes. The story follows that Underwood makes a deal to help a candidate secure the presidency and Underwood would then be appointed secretary of state.  However, Frank is double-crossed and from that moment onward he schemes a ploy to enact vengeance for his misplaced loyalty. He begins by developing a diabolical strategy with his equally as cunning spouse, played by Robin Wright, and the plot development of the show revolves around watching this ploy unfold.

The series is explosive, and is ripe with affairs, scandals, backstabbing, and of course political corruption. “House of Cards” is an elegant show that seems to capture the essence of modern politics. Any person slightly interested in politics, drama or cliffhangers will immediately be hooked on this masterpiece. The show has become a huge success since its release in early February. In fact, Netflix already released the entire 13-episode first season. This means that you can join the millions of other fans that watched the first season in a day.

Overall, this show will suck you in and leave you craving for more at the end of every episode. The content of “House of Cards” is for a more mature audience, but it appeals to everyone in one form another. I would rate this show a five-of-five stars and definitely recommend to anyone looking for the next show to add to the number one spot on their Netflix instant queue list.

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