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Get to know your Drake Intramurals supervisors


Column by Joanie Barry

Barry is a junior radio-television and secondary education double major and can be reached at joan.barry@drake.edu

This week, I am going to write something a little different. Hopefully, you know a little about me already, but there are six supervisors and four junior supervisors on our staff. They are pretty awesome, so here is a chance to get to meet them all.

Kari Budnik – Intern

I mentioned in my last article that Budnik has made the leap from supervisor to intramurals intern. Budnik is third in command for all things intramurals. In the past, Budnik has been known for her quiet demeanor. Word to the wise: Do not mistake her demeanor for passiveness. Budnik is as tough as nails and knows her rulebook by heart. As a side note, I mistyped her email address last week. Her real email address is kari.budnik@drake.edu. Sorry for the mistake.

Adrea Holler – P3

Holler is our most experienced member on staff. Holler has experience and wisdom in all things intramurals and has a calming effect on our staff. While newer supervisors, (like myself), make mistakes and panic, Holler is as cool as an October flag football game.

Spenser Kockler – Senior

Kockler has gone above and beyond his position of supervisor this year. He has assisted Bill Moorman and Budnik with trainings. He also attended a NIRSA conference, where he honed his flag football skills. This will be Kockler’s last year at intramurals, and he makes it harder everyday to say goodbye.

Tyler Gillmore – Senior

Gillmore returns for his sophomore supervising year as a senior. Always prompt, Gillmore is a model supervisor for younger generations. He is committed enough to work the six-hour Sunday shift in the blistering heat or freezing rain. With Gillmore’s experience, it would take more than a technical foul to ruffle his feathers. Just like Kockler, we say goodbye to Gillmore with a heavy heart.

Frances Thomas – Junior

Thomas and I have risen through the intramural ranks together. Since the first intramurals meeting our freshman year, I have learned many things about Thomas. One of the most important things is this — do not argue with her. Many have tried and all have lost.

Jake Wasserman – Junior

Wasserman is returning to his position as supervisor from a semester abroad in Spain. People might speculate that Wasserman has lost a step or two while traversing Europe, however, these people will learn quickly that they were wrong, very wrong. Constantly equipped to handle any challenge, Wasserman has stepped back into his role as supervisor without a hitch.

Alyssa Mougin – Sophomore (Junior Supervisor)

Mougin has a stunning ability to referee with a great sense of humor. Whether it is watching a fellow supervisor crawl off the court after refusing her help or refereeing Duff on her first week back, Mougin takes everything in stride.

Forrest Wrede – Sophomore (Junior Supervisor)

Wrede is the standard for which all officials should emulate. Wrede got a reputation his freshman year for being a solid referee and willing to cover any shift he could. Like the rest of our junior supervisors, it was a no-brainer calling Wrede up to the big leagues.

Matt Bentz – Sophomore (Junior Supervisor)

Bentz is a ridiculously talented official. Watching Bentz officiate is like watching a ballet, if this ballet was performed by a choir of Fox 40 Classics and was choreographed by the president of NIRSA.

Pam Sanford – Sophomore (Junior Supervisor)

Sanford is well versed in the rules of intramurals and a resident field hockey expert. She is also another recruit from the pharmacy major. Hopefully, she will follow in the footsteps of Holler and have an extended stay in our intramurals family.


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