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Bring on the glitter

Tozer is a senior magazines major and can be reached at emily.tozer@drake.edu

Image courtesy of Emily Tozer

It’s almost finals week, which means most of campus will be staying up all night and trudging half asleep to class in sweatpants. But after that nightmare of a week is over, it’s winter break. No matter what holiday you celebrate, you’ll probably have a couple of festive gatherings to attend. As a girl who has no problem wearing sequins and sparkles year-round, I absolutely love that they become the go-to around the holidays. But I’m not going to recommend you go get a sequin dress for every party — whether you’re a fellow sparkle-lover or a dedicated jeans wearer, there are easy ways to make your already favorite pieces a little more festive (and, if you’re looking for an excuse to shop, it’s easy to find pieces to incorporate into your winter wardrobe).

If you’re not going somewhere too fancy, a nice pair of dark jeans is easy to dress up. Pick one or two items that you want to stand out. It could be a metallic or patterned peplum top with simple black heels, a black turtleneck, big, rhinestone statement necklace and an embellished clutch, or sparkly heels and a classic blazer.

When dress code is a step up from denim, I break out the big guns — the gold glitter. (Gold is a personal preference, more power to you if you also like silver.) A sequined or embellished skirt with a black top, black jacket and gold jewelry is just enough shine. If that’s too much, find black or matte sequins — you still get the glamour without the in-your-face sparkle. Other options: a sequin jacket or blazer with sparkle details can spice up your little black dress or a “Chanel-esque” tailored tweed jacket with jacquard pants will shine more subtly.

Now, let’s say you’re going for formal (my favorite). My first recommendation is a maxi skirt — incredibly comfortable and so much fun to wear. You can simply pair it with a top in the same color and a full arm of bracelets or a belt with a cool pattern or buckle. If you want to go the dress route, go for a short one with long sleeves in a bold color or abstract pattern.

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