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Photo by Luke Nankivell, photo editor

A collective cheer filled Sussman Theater at 10:18 p.m. on Tuesday night as CNN announced its official prediction that President Barack Obama would win re-election.  Senior Independent Bryan Benish was not surprised by the result.

“I have not been very surprised. I have been reading Nate Silver, it seems that what he has been predicting has been right,” Benish said. “I knew that Obama would win the election, and I am not surprised he is winning right now.”

Sophomore Democrat Rebecca Share said she was simply happy when the prediction was announced.

“I am very relieved and happy,” Share said. “I hope the CNN prediction is right, it looks like it is going to be.”

Despite being relieved, Share said nothing on Election Night had surprised her.

“I would not say that I was overall surprised. I was glad that he took Iowa because that is where my vote counted,” Share said. “I am glad he took Minnesota because that is where I am from, and getting California is always a relief. It will be interesting to see where Florida will go.”

First-year Republican Elizabeth Stuart said she was a surprised by some of the results.

“(Mitt) Romney was ahead for a little while, and I was not expecting him to be ahead at all. I thought it would be close, but mostly I thought Obama would lead,” Stuart said. “I kind of knew that Obama would win in the back of my mind. I was hoping Romney would but it was not a huge surprise.”

Share said despite the predictions she is not ready to fully accept Obama as the winner.

“(I will know for sure) when all of the Electoral College votes have been counted and there is absolutely no way for it to be disputed,” Share said.

Benish is not as hesitant to declare a winner.

“I kind of already decided. I am here to see the election results, and they have confirmed what I have already felt was going to happen,” Benish said. “I have always believed Obama was going to win, and I have been okay with that.”

Benish believes the results are a relief.

“I was happy because I know Romney has very regressive position on social issues,” Benish said. “I was happy to hear that those positions do not reflect the majority of American opinions.”

Overall Share said the election and watching the coverage in a large group was an experience.

“I probably would not have watched the coverage if I had not come here,” Share said. “It is really the first election I have been invested in. I like this, it is a good experience.”

Despite being the minority, Stuart agrees.

“It made it more dramatic. I am used to watching it at home. I really like watching it in a huge group (in which) everyone is getting really into it,” Stuart said. “Even though I am not for Obama, it was a lot more fun to watch it in this big group.”

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