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Opinion Relays Edition

Hubbell Trouble: Creating the perfect burger

Photo by Taylor Soule, photo editor

Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be contacted at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu

Peanut butter, fried bananas and mayonnaise on a burger? Some would call that the weirdest combination they’ve ever heard, but others call it “The Undead Elvis.”

Zombie Burger opened this past fall in East Village, and is known for its unique, and sometimes slightly strange, burger toppings with names all themed around zombies or Des Moines.

One of their most out-there burgers includes “The Walking Ched,” a burger with fried macaroni and cheese, a cheese bun and bacon. “They’re Coming to Get You Barbara,” features two grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns. Don’t be scared off though, because Zombie Burger also offers traditional burgers as well as ones with less threatening twists like buffalo sauce or brie cheese.

This year, for its first Drake Relays, Zombie Burger hosted a contest to find the best Relays burger. Working with a social media class from Drake to promote the contest, Zombie Burger received entries online of what people would most like to see on their burger.

The chef at Zombie Burger, George Formaro, gets to decide on the best combination and then the winning burger will be featured on the menu the weekend of Relays.

So, what would you put on your burger?

My ideal burger, which I’ve named “28 Relays Later,” would include:

A portobello mushroom as a base.

Brie cheese for pungency.

Honey for a little sweetness.

Garlic for the savory side.

Bacon because everyone loves bacon.

Keep an eye out for the winning burger at Zombie Burger on Relays!


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