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News Relays Edition

Almost a quarter of a century of work

Photos: Selchia Cain

Street Painting can’t compete with Wanda Everage. During the midst of the Drake tradition of paint flinging fun, on the other end of campus a tribute was being given to Wanda Everage, vice provost for student affairs and academic excellence, who will retire in May after 24 years of service at Drake University.

Twenty to thirty students, alumni, faculty and staff joined the Coalition of Black Students to celebrate Everage at the Turner Jazz Center on April 20. The retirement party was a complete surprise to her.

“We wanted to show Wanda our appreciation, specifically for the support she provided to the students of CBS. But we wanted to do it in a small way as opposed to a big production so it wouldn’t lose intimacy,” CBS member Nana Coleman said.

The CBS staff and Assistant Professor of English Melisa Klimaszewski have been planning the reception since the beginning of the school year and weren’t going to allow her to retire without expressing their deepest gratitude for her guidance, support and motivation.

“It was important to show her that she deserves this. She works hard for us, and it was now our turn to work hard for her,” said Freddie Fulton, the newly elected CBS president for the 2012-13 school year.

During the African American Reunion at this year’s Drake Relays, there will be a reception honoring Everage for the lives she’s touched both then and now.


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1 Comment

  1. Bryan Speans April 23, 2012

    Almost a quarter of a Decade! Someone call Guinness, this must be a world record.
    Related, copy editing is for chumps.

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