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Hubbell Trouble: the wonderful world of Hubbell


Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be contacted at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu.  Hamilton is a sophomore advertising major and can be contacted at hilary.hamilton@drake.edu

So, you’re probably wondering why someone would devote an entire column to Hubbell Dining Hall. Valid question. Basically, we love it. There’s no way around it. This column is not in any way meant to be sarcastic. We’re very snarky people, but this time we’re not kidding. Pinky swear. We’re actually writing this to make you love Hubbell as much as we do. Why? Because we’re sick of hearing you complain.

Basically, we think that there are more than enough resources that you can use in the Hubs to make yourself something delicious. Have you ever actually walked around and looked at everything they have there? Including that back area with the panini makers? We thought not. And quite frankly, we don’t blame you. Most people don’t really think to venture past the pizza line. So next time you’re in Hubbell, we urge you to look around a bit closer.

Here are some easily overlooked areas in Hubbell:

­— The coffee and tea area. Have you ever realized how many flex dollars you’re using to get coffee and tea from Olmsted when you can get it at the Hubs? Look at all those flavors!

— “Take a piece of bread, put it in the slot. Push down the lever, and the wires get hot, I get toast.” Needless to say, yeah toast (If you don’t understand, search “yeah toast” on YouTube). There’s bread to fit everyone’s needs, including raisin. Also, we can’t forget about the cinnamon sugar shaker (say that three times fast) that we used for our very first creation.

— Panini maker. Some people may already know about this, but we’d just like to remind you that if your selections are limited that day, you can always make yourself an artisan grilled sandwich around the corner. That’s some fancy business.

— Salad bar. Not necessarily just for salads. Think about it. You can also use the fruit for different concoctions.

It’s time to get creative people. So, the next time you’re upset that the international station has a line longer than Target on Black Friday, stop whining and expand your horizons. Isn’t that what college is all about?

P.S. If you’re not creative or just plain lazy, you can check out our blog at HubbellTrouble.wordpress.com for past recipes and a little something extra on our recipes featured in our column.


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