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Top 8 Finals Edition

Swain is a junior marketing and writing double major and can be contacted at eryn.swain@drake.edu

1) Study NOW. This may seem excessive or unnecessary, but if you have a comprehensive final, chances are that you forgot most of what was on your previous exams. Spend 20 minutes or so each day looking over old tests.

2) Get some sleep. Studies show that you remember more by getting at least a few hours of sleep before an exam than by pulling an all-nighter. How much are you really learning during those last few hours before the exam anyway?

3) Focus. If you have a final in every class, focus on the finals that will be the most difficult, first. Then move onto the others that won’t be too difficult later in your studying.

4) Be  disciplined. Just because you probably don’t have much homework this last week doesn’t mean you should goof off. Giving up one week of your life for studying diligently won’t seem so bad compared to staying another semester because you had to retake all the classes you failed the first time around.

5) Organize. Find out when your finals are, what you need on the exam to get your desired grade and about how long you think you will need to study in order to do well.

6) Take care of yourself. This time more than ever make sure to feed your body well and to exercise. You will perform better if you are alert and well.

7) Take it one final at a time. When you are taking one final, don’t worry about the final coming up next. Focus on the test at hand and only on that.

8) Be realistic. Finals can be stressful, but you need to be real with yourself. Are you pushing yourself too hard for a grade you know you won’t get? Know that there are times when a final isn’t going to go as well as you hope. Study hard, rest well and relax when you go to take the final. That is all you can do.


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