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Around the Table: 11/7/11

Student Senate had a large agenda last Thursday night, but by the end of the meeting, it had six new organizations, two ad hoc committees and one allocation to show for it.

Students Fighting for Belize, most commonly associated with the Belize Dance Marathon, caused the most discussion among senators.

The organization is affiliated with the James Arthur Albert Foundation and the Drake Law School, making senators weary of how closely linked Students Fighting for Belize would be with campus.

“I would hope to see… more campus student engagement throughout the year,” Sen. Erin Hogan said. “Whereas right now it feels like something that is happening with the law students in the law school.”

The Drake Philosophy Club, Psychology Club and the Ro Chi society — all of which have been operating unofficially on campus -— became official organizations by unanimous votes in last Thursday’s session. The Drake Math Club and The French Association also passed by unanimous votes.

Two ad hoc committees and members to fill the new spots were also appointed at the session. The first ad hoc committee will evaluate the current function of the Quasi-Endowment Fund and suggest improvements to Student Senate.

“Its been precedent that we try to spend as much money as we can from that year’s student activities fees,” Student Body President Greg Larson said. “I would encourage us to think long-term.”

Treasurer Zach Keller will serve as chair of the committee. Vice President of Student Life Matt Van Hoeck, Vice President of Student Activities Jessica Hamilton and Sens. David Karaz and Adam Lutz will serve on the committee.

The second ad hoc committee will work to engage students in the upcoming ABC Republican Presidential Debate, the Iowa Caucus and the November 2012 presidential election. Sen. Sam Pritchard will serve as chair of the committee. Lauren Ehrler, Alex Shaner, Emily Grimm, Sens. Nick Lund, Erin Hogan, Kayleigh Koester, Sean Walsh, Amanda Laurent and Larson will serve on the committee.

Senate also voted unanimously to allocate the additional $6,377.16 of the 2010-2011 Quasi Endowment earnings to the Dogtown After Hours event in the spring.

Van Hoeck reminded senators that the First-Year Senator run-off election between Joey Gale and Justin Kochanski will wrap up today. The newly elected First-Year Senator will take over the First-Year Interest Committee and will be present for the remaining four Student Senate meetings of the semester.

Keller also announced that the two candidates for Drake’s vice president of finance position will be on campus Nov. 8 and 10. They will be available for a meet-and-greet with students between noon and 1:15 p.m. or from 4:45-5:45 p.m. on both days.

Meeting In-Brief:

— $6377.16 allocated Dogtown After Hours

— Drake Math Club, French Association approved

— Drake Philosophy, Psychology Clubs and Rho Chi society approved

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