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Letter to the Editor: 10/13/11

Taylor Soule’s article “Making waves for philanthropy” certainly created some controversy on Monday. Unfortunately, it is Taylor that took much of the heat for it. Were there mistakes?  Of course there were. Theta Chi has 14 new members, not three. There was also a bias that permeated throughout the article. That much has been pointed out already. I applaud The Times-Delphic for giving me this forum and for admitting that they made mistakes. That takes courage and integrity.

My problem is that the article did not have the right perspective. Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash was an amazing cap to their philanthropy week. The real story was how Greek life came together to not just compete in swimming competitions, but to raise valuable funds and awareness for people with visual impairments. Unfortunately, the good that was done was not the focus of the story. That is on the editors and copy editors, not just Taylor. I feel that everyone who attacked her owes her an apology. That includes me as well.

In the end, I just want to thank my peers in Greek Life for stepping up and helping Theta Chi defend its name. We were more than happy to participate in Anchor Splash. We are proud that we won. I commend every fraternity and sorority that joined together for the common good. I hope word gets out that every fraternity and sorority is more than capable of doing great things; not just one or two. Greek life is about making each other and our communities better than they were before. We did that last Saturday. That is what should be remembered.


Trevor Funk
President of Theta Chi

Trevor can be reached at trevor.funk@drake.edu

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