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Extreme Makover: Olmsted Edition

Photos: Joey Gale

The lower level of Olmsted Center is getting a facelift. Renovations have begun on the satellite workout facility and meeting rooms, which are set to open for Spring Semester 2012.

Student Body President Greg Larson said the workout area will be located in the L-shaped portion of lower Olmsted and will be sectioned off by Plexiglas. The facility will contain both aerobic machines and a free-weights area.

Students will enter the workout area through a lobby located where the food area used to be. Larson said the facility will have the same hours as Olmsted Center. The second part of the renovations will begin this summer. This set of changes will include fixing up Bulldog Theater, the restrooms and adding a lobby area.

“We were approached and asked what we thought should be done with the space,” said Michael Riebel Buildings and Grounds Liasion for Student Senate. “We went out and talked to students about what they wanted.” They came to the consensus that a satellite workout facility was the right option.

“The goal is for this to be a temporary site for a couple of years,” said Larson. Another option considered for lower Olmsted was to use it as a centralized mailing facility.

“This is what ideally happens for us as senators,” said Riebel, “to find out what the students want and make it happen.


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