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Tips for getting your study on during Finals Week

Once you’re ready to hunker down for a night of studying, follow these tips to maximize your full potential and remain productive all night.

1. Study in the cold – You will be less likely to fall asleep without the drowsiness heat brings.

2. Study in short increments – Try and take a 5- to 10-minute break once every hour. Stretching or walking around will help circulate the blood to your brain.

3. Stay away from sugary foods – While you may feel energized for a while (sugar high), they can eventually make you feel drowsy. Kick the candy bar and try an apple. Apples can keep your blood sugar stable so you’re able to stay awake longer.

4. Chew gum – Like shaking your leg, chewing gum is an unconscious activity that will help keep your brain focused while staying awake.

5. Rotate subjects every hour -You will get tired and mentally wear out if you study the same thing for three hours straight.


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