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Student Activity Fee increase discussed

Senate discussed two possible resolutions that would raise the Student Activity Fee for the 2012-2013 academic year at its meeting Thursday.

Student Body Auditor Brad Koenen and Treasurer Nate Bleadorn presented the possible raises that would take effect during the 2012-2013 academic year. One motion would raise the fee $5, the other $7. The amount would go toward annually funded organizations’ budgets to help account for budget growth in the upcoming years.

The budget for annually funded organizations, presented at last week’s meeting, passed unanimously, but with some debate.

Concerns were raised when Sen. Earl Lee questioned the use of Rainbow Union’s $300 allocation that funds a media library, providing magazine subscriptions for the CAYA House.  However, other senators argued that the allocation is very small and the CAYA House is open for the whole campus to use.

“Yes, I have a problem with a $300 media library,” Sen. Megan Hutcheson said, “but I also have a problem shooting down an entire budget for a $300 media library, when it could end up being spent on another program.”

Senate also discussed a resolution in support of an experiential learning requirement at Drake. The resolution would support the creation of a requirement for students to take part in some type of experiential learning as part of the Drake curriculum.

Experiential learning is defined in this case as a community service opportunity or an internship and would be a required one-credit class. In addition, the university would implement a 19-credit hour waiver, allowing students to take over 18 credit hours for no additional cost, if the experiential learning credit is part of that semester. The resolution received support among senators.

“Drake is a business, and this would help us attract prospective students,” Sen. Alex Hendzel said.

Senate passed the resolution without any opposing votes, and it will be passed along to Faculty Senate. If approved, the requirement would take effect during the 2012-2013 academic year.

Senate also allocated $1,743.50 to Students In Free Enterprise to cover transportation and lodging costs for the organization to attend the 2011 SIFE National Competition in Minneapolis from May 10-12.

In addition, a $221.98 funding allocation to the Drake Men’s Lacrosse Club was passed.  The money will cover additional vehicle rental costs to a tournament on April 17 at St. Mary’s University.

Senate had previously allocated $1,275.90 to cover rental costs for the tournament, but due to problems with the rental company, additional money was needed.

Journalism Sen. Rachel Kauffold and Technology Liaison Sen. Michael Riebel presented on the remaining budget of the Board of Student Communications for this academic year. The BSC is responsible for funding Drake publications and broadcasts.


• DISCUSSED: Two resolutions concerning raising the activity fee. One would add $5, the other $7

• $1,743.50 allocated to Students in Free Enterprise to pay for transportation and lodging at the 2011 National Competition May 10-12 in Minneapolis

• $221.98 allocated to Drake Men’s Lacrosse Club to cover additional vehicle rental costs to travel to tournament April 17 at St. Mary’s University

• PASSED resolution in support of an experiential learning requirement in Drake’s curriculum

• DISCUSSED: Next year’s Board of Student Communications budget


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  1. student April 18, 2011

    I would like to know how it costs $300 to maintain a media library for Rainbow Union. Also, it would be great if the activities fee was increased by about $5 and went to RHA to support the Movie Channel which will no longer be there next year.

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