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Simple tips for this seemingly over-the-top holiday

Calder is a junior public relations major and can be contacted at jennifer.calder@drake.edu

Well it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s season. It seems people either love or hate this holiday, and for some people, it makes them sad. This day should not be about having a significant other or about gifts and everything over-the-top. This day should be about telling and demonstrating to the ones in your life whom love and making sure they know how much you love them and care about them. Think of all your friends and family who have supported you through thick and thin, those are the people you need to say something sweet to or do something out of the ordinary for, even if it’s just a card or a phone call.

Even though today is Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to show the love. Here are some simple things you can do today: Grab a bag of kisses or candy and give them to the people in your life who you get to see every day.  Go old school,  and pick up adorable little Valentine’s Day packs and give them with the candy. It’s the little things like this that can make someone’s day.  And if money is short, rather than buying something, make something!  It could be a homemade card or even valentine cookies. Besides, it always means more when it’s from the heart!  If you do have a significant other, make sure you gage what you get them based off how long you have been together.  You would hate to scare someone away if you’ve only been together a week and get them something very lavish. Anything out of the ordinary is sweet to do on Valentine’s Day, just make it your own, and remember, it’s the thought that counts!

As much as I love Valentine’s Day, it is sad to me that this holiday has become so over-the-top and stressful to so many. I think we need to scale things back and keep it simple. Words on a card mean more than a piece of chocolate or a rose ever will. If you are single today, do not fret, just remember and recognize the people you have in your life who love you unconditionally, like your best friends, parents and siblings. So find the love in your heart and reach out to the people you care most about today. Wishing you all a love-filled day! Happy Valentine’s Day Drake University!

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