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Karaz named First-year senator

The third time is the charm for the newly elected First-Year Senator, David Karaz. After voided ballots and a run-off election, he held almost 74 percent of the total votes brought in by first-year students at Drake University.

“I’m very excited the election results are finally announced,” said Student Body President Samantha Haas,.

“It’s really an inspiring thing to be so well supported by your peers that you just met,” said Karaz.

“I hope it [the first-year senator position] gives the first-years the chance to feel like they have someone that represents them around the table,” said Student Senate Treasurer Nate Bleadorn.

Karaz who had the overwhelming majority of votes with a total of 236 will begin his duties around the Senate table tonight at its 9 p.m. meeting. He will also soon take over the First-Year Interest committee, of which he had previously been a member.

“It was really great to get the support,” said Karaz. While only being on campus for 10 weeks he felt it was a powerful statement that his classmates had the confidence to vote for him.

“I think David is a great candidate,” said Senator Seejo Valacheril. “Obviously his constituents want him to be their representation.”

Many agree that with this position being new to the Senate this year that there is going to be a lot of trial and error what the position will consist of.
“I’m definitely going to do everything in my power to make sure I prove that this position is one that is really going to substantially increase the performance of our student body,” Karaz said.

“I have a bunch of ideas,” he added. He is looking forward to putting his creativity into this position to help form it for future generations of first-year students.

This year’s entering class came in with one of the highest grade point averages and greatest success in extra-curricular activities and in academics, which is one point that Karaz feels that this was a great year to start the first-year senator position.

“I think it is very righteous that we are the first year to be represented by a first-year senator,” he added.

With the election process finally coming to a close, action can be finally taken and initiatives put into place.

“I think he [Karaz] has goals and plans to bring the first-year voice on Senate,” Senator Valacheril said.

Karaz is hoping to facilitate communication with the first-year students on what the Student Senate actually does and how they can help make a difference on campus and to eventually “build a more collaborative Drake Community.”

The hopes are high for Karaz and what will happen with this year’s senate.

“I’m going to do my best to make sure that I represent to the best of my ability,” he said.

Photo: Connor McCourtney


Horsch is a junior news/Internet and rhetoric double major. She serves as the TD's Editor-in-Chief. She has been on staff for three years and has been the editor since January 2012.

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