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Diversity lacking on campus

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  1. Menos Espectro says:

    The title of this report is incorrect. It should read, “Racial diversity on campus is close to that of Des Moines.”

    The shopworn term “Diversity” is now a classic shibboleth. It is practically devoid of meaning. What you and other writers who use this term actually wish to convey is, “we don’t have enough black folks enrolled” — never mind Hispanics or Asians.

    But, your title is correct in this regard. Drake’s faculty sorely lacks ideological, religious, and ethnic diversity.

    Hopefully you will do a follow-on piece that examines how many of Drake faculty are registered Republicans, Conservatives; Fundamentalist Christians; Orthodox Jews; devout Muslims; Hispanics; Asians, and Native Americans.

    I am sure that the Faculty/Administration Establishment of Drake is willing to make efforts to ensure that it doesn’t look the same as long as it thinks the same!