Obamas go back to the beginning for final rally

Photos by Luke Nankivell, photo editor

President Barack Obama made his last campaign stop in Des Moines on Nov. 5, mere hours before the polls opened on Election Day. He spoke directly to the voters in Iowa and asked them to once again cast their vote for him.

The early November chill didn’t stop 20,000 people from gathering in the East Village to watch he and the First Lady speak.

With two giant American flags flanking the crowd, it packed into three blocks of Locust Street. Obama addressed the crowd on a stage located at the intersection of East Fourth and Locust streets.

With a hoarse voice Obama told the crowd everyone deserves “a shot at our own American dream.” The First Lady and rocker Bruce Springsteen shared the stage during the rally.

Springsteen had performed in rallies with the President prior to Monday night’s events.

First Lady Michelle Obama told the crowd she was “beyond thrilled” to be with them. She recounted stories of the 2008 campaign and the “warmth and kindness” that was showed to her family and her daughters.

As Springsteen took the stage he said he could “feel the winds of change moving” with this election. He performed a few songs, including a song he wrote for Obama’s campaign. Springsteen hit home issues that Obama tackled during his time in office like universal health care, ending the war in Iraq and women’s rights. As he ended his set, he told the crowd “this is the night before the day.”

The First Lady told the crowd the decisions made in this election affect her not only as a wife or a mother, but also as a voter.

“We need to keep moving this nation forward,” she said.

President Obama joined Michelle on stage after her remarks. After a short time of waving and greeting the crowd as a couple, he stood behind the lectern and spoke.

“We will keep America moving forward,” he said on the eve of Election Night.

“I came back to Iowa one more time to ask for your vote,” Obama said. “I came back to ask you to help us finish what we started, because this is where our movement for change began.”

Between chants of “four more years” and “Obama” he told stories of his first campaign headquarters in Des Moines and the lack of heat it provided.

During the rally Obama said he would fight for the voters and their family.

“Your stories filled me with resolve to work for you every single day I set foot in the oval office,” the President said.

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