Rules of the bar

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  1. A Concerned Student for Future Journalists says:

    Oh wow Jen, thank you for that insightful glance at social life at bars. In between your rambles of cliche remarks you manged to provide us all with some ??awe-inspiring advice that no one could have possibly known.

    “Going out is supposed to be fun” Mmm really? I thought it was supposed to be a time for dark depressions.

    “Don’t cry at the bar” Really? You had to include that because no one had enough sense that if you bawling your eyes out at a bar it might be time to go home?

    “Do not physically fight at the bar” I thought Dublin was more like a UFC Octagon then a bar? My mistake guess I’ll leave my hand-wraps and gloves at GK.

    “Don’t be the drunkest person in the place” ….no comment…

    If this was the best article that could have been mustered up the I hope to whatever higher power that your major is in no relation in any form to journalism, for I fear that this waste of space will be the death of the newspaper industry.

  2. The first comment is from a douche says:

    I think this article is very insightful and funny, I got a lot out of it. Thanks Jen! I think this is a great piece of work and I have no worries about your future as a journalist.