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Meet your candidates for First Year Senator

These are the seven candidates for First Year Senator.

Voting opened Thursday at 8 a.m. and ends Friday at 8 p.m. Election results will be announced on Pomerantz Stage in Olmsted at 9 p.m. Friday.

To vote, visit BlueView. Click the “Campus Life” tab, then click “Online Elections” in the upper left-hand corner.

Graham Johnson

My name is Graham Johnson and I’m a friendly, hardworking nerd from Minnesota. I have been a National Honor Society officer, as well as the Vice President for the Hastings Youth in Government delegation and it is from this background of leadership experience that I humbly ask to represent the class of 2020 in the Student Senate. I would be honored to represent our class to help make Drake a better school for everyone.

Autumn Evins

My name is Autumn Evins, I am a first-year student from Chicago, Illinois majoring in environmental policy with a minor in international business and pre-law. I aspire to be an environmental attorney.

Sarah Rose Ballard

I’m from Ankeny, Iowa. My major is Law, Politics and Society with a double major in Sociology. I have extensive leadership and programming experience as president and chair of multiple organizations in the past and plan to serve the Senate and you well.

Nicholas Johnston

My name is Nicholas Johnston, I’m a BCMB major from the small town of Osceola, Iowa. In high school, I was president of six different organizations including a local philanthropic group. In my free time, I enjoy running, biking, overly competitive games of Mario Party and consuming excessive amounts of candy corn.

Kollin Crompton

My name is Kollin Crompton. I am a strategic political communication and public relations double major. I am from Omaha, Nebraska and I am excited to be here at Drake. Last year I was my class president and I hope to represent you as the First Year Senator this school year.

Jose Garcia-Fuerte

DREAMer, taco enthusiast and full-time Latino activist. Jose Garcia-Fuerte promotes community in order to make the revolutionary commonplace.

Giada Morresi

Giada Morresi is a politics and international relations double major who is very passionate about government work. She hopes to one day become a public servant and intends to begin her career at Drake, working alongside her peers to better the campus and its opportunities. Giada currently serves on the Committee for Student Affairs and the Crawford Hall Executive Council.

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