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Opinion Relays Edition

Get in shape with this playlist

Opinion by Annelise Tarnowski

Annelise-w2000-h2000With the Drake Relays in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate that I share one of the playlists that I used for running last summer when I actually attempted a daily running schedule. It didn’t last for longer than a month, but that had more to do with my personal disinterest than this playlist. It’s a diverse list, but trust me, it’s fun. (Total playlist time: 30 minutes)

Fatboy Slim — “The Rockafeller Skank”

A classic song from the late 90s, this track not only starts off with a good beat to follow, but it has a lot of fun parts to run to that’ll make you run a little faster. A little tribute to your favorite funk soul brother.

San Cisco “Awkward”

This song keeps up a constant, quick beat for running but has a story line to follow. When I’m running, I’m glad to have anything to think about other than my total lack of energy already. Songs that have a plot (even if it’s about stalking) are a nice distraction.

The Strokes — “One Way Trigger”

Yet another song with a quick beat. Unfortunately, in true Strokes fashion, you can’t understand much of what Julian Casablancas is saying (but that’s yet another reason to love him), so there isn’t much of a plot to follow. You can, however, follow the playful double-time notes up through the impressive falsetto.

Vampire Weekend — “A-Punk”

Because it was probably necessary that this track is on this list somewhere. All these tracks have been up-tempo so far, and we aren’t stopping here. Yet another man whose loveable voice is hard to understand, there is a plot within this song, and it’s actually fun to try and figure that out as you run. Honestly, I could probably understand Ezra Koenig’s lyrics better on a good run I could just listening to them.

Will Smith — “Getting Jiggy Wit It”

Here, we start to slow things down a little bit, but it’s still another fun track. I always picture myself smiling and doing the “point-and-wink” to everyone I see in my neighborhood while I run. Of course, this only happened once with disastrously embarrassing consequences, but I still did it in my head every time I passed someone. And who doesn’t love some Fresh Prince?

Har Mar Superstar — “Lady, You Shot Me”

The end is near! You’re doing well! This song is my favorite from one of my favorite Twin Cities artists (who just played an awesome show at the Des Moines Social Club). It starts off nice and slow with a funk-soul ballad feel. But then, we get back into a good jog to finish off the run strong with a tempo that picks up a bit. If you aren’t dance-running at the chorus, you’re doing it wrong.

Cold War Kids — “Louder Than Ever”

The last song. You’ve made it. This song I usually used for some cool-down jogging or walking, sometimes stretching, and sometimes some lifting. The pace is slow, and makes you feel accomplished — especially because the chorus comes so often.

So, you’ve made it. You are now more in shape than you were before (if you ran the playlist, that is). Now get out there and check out some real runners at the Relays!


Tarnowski is a junior radio/TV producing and sociology double major and can be reached at annelise.tarnowski@drake.edu


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