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Finding that coveted ‘spot’

Column by Raymond Starks

Starks is a first-year politics and finance double major and can be reached at raymond.starks@drake.edu

When a test is on the horizon in one of my classes, it seems like I live in the library for a few days before the test. When it’s not 8 p.m. the night before, I can usually find a spot close to a power adaptor to allow my laptop to make it through the next four to five hours — however — more and more often, this isn’t the case. It seems like either every group is doing a project or studying for those midterms we all fret about. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, sometimes when I’m stressed, it seems incredibly daunting. Thus, I’ve managed to find other places to go when I know things are going to be busy.

While I wasn’t much of a coffee fanatic my first semester, I’ve learned to love the fuel that allows me to get through late night study sessions. If at all possible, I usually start off by going to Starbucks and finding a spot there if at all possible. Because most people get their coffee and leave, there is usually a spot open whenever I go. Sometimes, when it’s busy and crowded, it tends to be a bit loud which isn’t always the best when I’m stressing about a midterm or project. So, if I can spend an hour at Starbucks, that’s always prime. Plus, I’m close to coffee if I ever need a refill.

When it’s crunch time, I usually go to the Jewett lobby with some of my friends that live there. Because it’s close to the library, I sometimes head over if it gets too crowded in Cowles Café. As an added bonus, the couches are fairly comfy and everyone there is trying to get work done as well, so people are generally pretty quiet. While not the most obvious place to do a paper or study for a test, the atmosphere helps me to focus and to get things done and sometimes that’s all I need to do well on a test.


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