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PMAC applications out for fall

Story by Emily Sadecki

While Drake University students are just diving into a new semester and next year may seem far off, the Peer Advisory Board,   PAB, is already gearing up to recruit a new batch of students to represent Drake as next fall’s PMACs, or Peer Mentor/Academic Consultant.

This coming year’s PAB consists of sophomores Nayasha Madhan, Alana Linde, Joseph Gale and junior Meghan Price.

“It started when I was a first-year student, I absolutely loved who my PMAC was and had a great time during Welcome Weekend,” said Linde. “I am thrilled to be planning this and implementing all the first-years’ experiences.”

The role of a PMAC is to make the transition to college and Drake as smooth as possible for first-year students. Starting with contact in the summer months to answer any questions and subdue any lingering fears, a PMAC provides support not only during Welcome Weekend but serves as a mentor and friend for the ensuing school year and even those thereafter. Even though she served as a PMAC two years ago before becoming a part of PAB, Price said she still keeps in touch with her students.

Gale said there are many factors that go into selecting the new crop of PMACs.

“There are a lot of different aspects we look for in a student applying, obviously someone who has a lot of charisma, who works well in groups and is very involved and engaged in what Drake University is about,” said Gale.

Melissa Sturm-Smith, associate provost for academic excellence and student success, and William Hatchet, new student academic facilitator, both oversee the program.

“I think PMACs do have a major impact on students. One of their first experiences here is welcome weekend,” said Hatchet. “I think for someone to come into an environment as a first-year student to have a group of students along with an upper level student can be helpful and comforting in a number of ways.”

Anyone who is passionate about Drake and has an interest in being involved in the acclamation of the incoming class is encouraged to apply.


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