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1:04 a.m. March 13
Security responded to the Olmsted pay lot on a report of a motor vehicle accident. A Drake student’s vehicle was hit by a Sodexo truck as she was parking her vehicle. No one was injured. Police were called. Police filed an accident report. Sodexo management was advised.

3:52 p.m. Nov. 11
A residence assistant requested that security personnel respond to a resident hall on a possible medical/ mental concern. Security arrived on scene and made contact with the Drake student. Security assessed the situation and contacted Des Moines Police along with Mobile Crisis. Security was informed that the student was in possession of a ferret, which is in violation of Drake University policy. The Drake student was assessed by Mobile Crisis and was provided with resource material and contact information of counseling services. The ferret was turned over to Drake University personnel for safe keeping until the student can make other arrangements for the animal.

10:58 p.m. Nov. 16
Security personnel responded to Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall to meet with a staff member who wanted to report a theft. The staff member informed security that on several occasions, a male non-Drake student has entered Goodwin-Kirk and taken several newspapers.

2:30 p.m. Feb. 3
While on routine patrol, security personnel observed a suspicious vehicle that was parked in Lot No. 1. The vehicle was running and the windows were fogged up. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer observed a male and female partially clothed. Both of the subjects were later identified as Drake students. In plain view, the officer observed drug paraphernalia and called for the Des Moines Police Department to respond to the scene. DMPD advised subjects of the potential repercussions to their actions. This incident is being forwarded to the dean of students for review.


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