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Security Reports: 4/12/11

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7:05 p.m. April 3
A female Drake student came to the Security Department and reported she was being harassed via text by another female Drake student. The Des Moines Police Department was called to the scene, but the victim declined to file a police report. This incident was reported to the dean of students and to the director of residence life for further follow-up and review.

8:08 a.m. April 5
Security personnel responded to Carpenter Residence Hall on a report of a naked male lying on the floor in one of the residence rooms. The female occupant of the room stated she spent the night at her boyfriend’s last night. When she returned this morning, she found a naked male lying on her floor. She stated she recognized him as a Drake student but did not know his name. The student was later identified, and after investigation, it was determined that the male student had been drinking (the student is under the legal drinking age) and was invited back to the room by a resident in Carpenter to engage in sexual relations. This incident has been referred to the dean of students and the director of residence life for review.

10:52 p.m. April 6
Security personnel responded to Crawford Residence Hall on a report of a possible overdose. Upon arrival, security personnel located a female Drake student who was intoxicated. Security personnel were advised by the reporting party that she, the intoxicated female, and another female Drake student were out at a local bar and were drinking alcohol. All three involved females were under the legal drinking age. The intoxicated student was also in possession of what appeared to be a fake Iowa driver’s license. The intoxicated student was conscious and breathing but not responsive and alert. The Des Moines Police Department and medics were summoned to the scene. Medics transported the student to a local hospital. The dean of students and the director of residence life were notified and will follow up with the involved students. The Department of Transportation was contacted and will conduct further investigation for the fake identification card.

9:00 p.m. April 8
Security personnel were advised that an assault occurred in the 1300 block of 21st Street (off campus). The suspects were described as a group of male and female juveniles. The juveniles physically assaulted another juvenile and shot him with a BB gun. Injuries are unknown at this time. Security canvassed the area and located a group of juveniles on Carpenter Avenue, and the group matched the description sent out by the Des Moines Police Department. Security detained one of the juveniles while several others ran from the scene. Security was contacted by a male Drake student, who stated he was approached by the group of juveniles that ran from security outside of Old Main. The student stated the juveniles lunged at him as if they were going to assault him. The student did not wish to pursue criminal action against the juveniles that confronted him. DMPD responded to the scene. The detained suspect was identified as one of the suspects who were involved in the assault of the other juvenile. DMPD conducted a trespass advisement and is conducting the investigation and follow-up with this case.

10:26 p.m. April 8
Security personnel responded to Stalnaker Residence Hall on a marijuana odor investigation in one of the residence rooms. Security made contact with a Drake staff member, who advised them of the room that the odor was resonating from. Security made contact with the occupants of the room. They were both Drake students: one male and one female. Security questioned the students about the marijuana odor. They stated they were not smoking marijuana and that this was not their room. The resident was a female Drake student. She was contacted, and upon further investigation, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were located in her possession. The Des Moines Police Department responded to the scene and took possession of the marijuana and drug paraphernalia. DMPD will conduct any further follow-up or investigation. The male Drake student was found in possession of a Swiss army knife, which is a violation of campus policy. The knife was taken by security personnel and will be held at the Security Office. The dean of students and the director of residence life were also notified about this incident.


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