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Hubbell Trouble creates a dynamic duo

Kramer is a sophomore broadcast journalism major and can be reached at mackenzie.kramer@drake.edu.  Hamilton is a sophomore advertising major and can be reached at hilary.hamilton@drake.edu.

This week Hubbell Trouble is going solo. Hilary is off to the windy city so only one half of the dynamic duo was whipping up creations. Speaking of dynamic duos, this weeks Hubbell Trouble has the best combo of them all: peanut butter and bananas.

Let’s get real. Everyone loves PB and B, except for people with nut allergies, or banana allergies. Anyways, this week I decided to make a Peanut Butter ‘Nana Time Waffle.

First you’re going to need to get your supplies. Since it’s brunch and they don’t hide the bananas from us, this should actually go pretty quickly. Also get a half full (or half empty depending on your outlook on life) cup of waffle batter, a fork, and one of the small bowls under the soup. Mash up your banana to the best of your abilities using the fork. People will stare at you, it’s totally cool. Then put the smushed banana into the waffle batter and stir it all up. Next steps a shocker so brace yourself — put it in the waffle iron.

After the waffle iron beeps obnoxiously like half of campus is about to burn down, your waffle is ready. Now you can slather that baby with peanut butter and enjoy. It’s kind of messy so I wish you the best of luck eating it in a socially acceptable way. If you’d like, you could also cut up some more bananas and put them on top, but I thought that was just excessive.

You may be wondering why I didn’t put the peanut butter in the waffle batter. Well, I wasn’t really sure if that would kill someone with a severe peanut allergy and I thought that if would be really mean if I accidentally did. So, don’t do that.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my solo edition of Hubbell Trouble. If you didn’t, Hilary will be back next week.

Good night, and good luck,

Hubbell Trouble


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