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Programming, what’s on your mind?

Photo: Carter Oswood

Drake University is home to more than 160 student organizations; each is an opportunity for students to be involved. The options range from an anime club to hosting your own radio show. The question everyone wants to know is, “Do these opportunities meet students’ programming needs?”

Student Activities Board does everything it can to make sure that options are open to students. Jessica Hamilton, SAB’s president, oversees each event they plan. During each event SAB takes surveys and receives feedback through Facebook and Twitter to find out the interests of students on campus. The board uses this when it reviews an event at the following meeting.

“I encourage students to attend our events and share their feedback,” Hamilton said. “Our committees are also a great way to get involved if students want to know more about the event planning process and have an interest in that. They can find out more about our committees at www.DrakeSAB.com.”

Hamilton believes that the programming on campus does fit the need of students. She says that the needs of students are always changing, but so is the programming.

Hamilton makes sure to use the feedback from students to better future events. She has one-on-one meetings with each chair and co-chair on the executive board, which helps her hear suggestions from students on the committees. Hamilton said the most popular committees are Relays and Bands, but each committee has opportunities for the students involved.

To find programs on campus visit:

—Olmsted Center
—Hubbell Dining Hall


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