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Around the Table: 1/23/12

Drake University Student Senate is facing the resignation of two of its senators. In the first meeting of the spring semester, two diversity interest senators announced that they were both stepping down from their positions.

Tanaya Thomas and Ankita Dhussa resigned from their posts last week.

“For me, promoting social change and social justice related to diversity is something I’m very passionate about and has been a struggle within the realm of our student government,” Thomas said in a statement to The Times-Delphic.

Both Dhussa and Thomas expressed frustration with their experiences as diversity interest senators, and they said they felt that Student Senate wasn’t an organization for them.

“Because of my commitment to Senate, I felt I was robbing myself of organizations, both on and off campus, that I felt more passionate about and that I wasn’t dedicating enough time to my most important role at Drake University —- a student,” Dhussa said in a statement to The Times-Delphic.

Thomas and Dhussa’s resignations came on the same night that the Diversity Interest Senators Job Description Bylaw Amendment Change passed unanimously. The bylaw amendment was a project that the diversity interest senators had worked on during the fall semester.

“Even though we won’t be here to see this through, we think this will be useful to future diversity interest senators,” Thomas said.

Sen. David Karaz expressed gratitude towards the work that the diversity interest senators have accomplished this session.

“I appreciate this year how you (Thomas and Dhussa) challenged the process,” Karaz said. “Overall, thank you.”

With Thomas and Dhussa’s resignations effective immediately, Sen. Sumit Sen is the only diversity interest senator remaining. Student Body President Greg Larson said succession plans are in order.

Sen. Kayleigh Koester reported that a J-Term information fair will be held on Feb. 28 from 4-7 p.m. in Upper Olmsted.

Vice President of Student Activities Jessica Hamilton announced that the Student Activities Board schedule for the spring semester is now posted online at www.DrakeSAB.org.

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