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Letter to the Editor: 11/3/11 (2 of 2)

Dear Times-Delphic Editor,

I noticed that your recent article “Male-Female Ratio Myth Examined” did not provide statistics for the ratio at the Drake Law School. I was curious if this was intentional or a mere oversight considering all the other graduate programs at Drake were included?

For your information, this year’s class of first-year law students at Drake is 46 percent female. Although the study of law is becoming more gender equal, according to 2010 data from the Law School Admission Council, more men take the LSAT and are admitted to law schools in the U.S. I’m not expressing any opinion about these facts, merely bringing them to your attention.

Thanks for your time,

Stacey Van Zuiden

Juris Doctorate Candidate, May 2012

Drake University Law School

Van Zuiden can  be contacted at stacey.vanzuiden@drake.edu


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1 Comment

  1. student November 3, 2011

    That wasn’t the only thing that was missing – accurate statistics were missing as well.

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