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Relays Edition

Lillian Schrock’s guide to campus dialects


noun, [kluhb duhb]

1. This is what The Dublin, a campus bar, turns into on Friday and Saturday nights, with loud music, close dancing, and a lot of sweat;

“You bring the spirit, and Club Dub will provide the spirits.”


noun, [dreyk leyk]

1. Drake’s campus during the rainy seasons, in which students wear colorful rain boots or galoshes to tread through the rain water that the campus cannot properly drain;

“Why go to the Bell Center when you can swim in Drake Lake?”


noun, [suhb-bel]

1. The South area of Hubbell Dining Hall, featuring all-you-care-to-eat meals from Sodexo;

“We have to go to Subbell for lunch today because they’re having the macaroni bar!”


noun, [lahy-brer-ee]

1. University Library Café, where students go to drink and snack on nachos during an evening of bar crawling;

“Let’s eat some nachos at The Library before we head to Club Dub.”

2.Drake’s Cowles Library, where many students spend long nights studying or go to escape their dorms;

“I spent five hours in the Library this evening because my roommate sexiled me.”


adjective, noun [huhb nas-tee]

1. Adjective: A description for something foul tasting;

“The paint I got in my mouth during Street Painting tasted like Hub Nasty.”

2. Noun: Hubbell dining Hall, and the food served there;

“We were too broke to go out to dinner, so we had to settle for Hub Nasty again.”


noun, [druhb-bel]

1. The atmosphere of Hubbell Dining Hall during dinner when drunken Drake students return from an afternoon of partying at crush parties, during Relays or really any weekend;

“That really drunk girl dropped her plate of French fries at Drubbell last night.”


noun, [slik]

1. An abbreviated name for the Student Life Center (SLC) in Olmsted Center, which houses mailboxes for student organizations and other off-the-wall useful things, like a helium tank;

“Let’s go to SLC so we can make our balloon arch.”


noun, [muhg nahyt]

1. Every Wednesday night at Peggy’s Tavern, in which patrons drink from plastic mugs that they purchase at the bar and keep for reuse;

“We’re going to Mug Night, so don’t forget your mug!”


noun, [dee pluhs]

1. Drake University’s 2010 marketing campaign, designed to catch the attention of high school students through offering a D+ education;

“Drake University made it on national news with the D+ campaign.”


verb, [huhb-bel-ing]

1. A tradition in which Drake students take trays from Hubbell Dining Hall to sled in the snow in Quad Creek; Hubbelling has now become a sponsored event, seeing as the trays have been eliminated from the dining hall;

“I got a wicked bruise from Hubbelling last winter.”


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