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Rules of the bar

Calder is a junior public relations major and can be contacted at jennifer.calder@drake.edu

Recently it has become more and more obvious that people are a complete 180 degrees from their normal selves when they are intoxicated. And I know you are saying “Hello. Duh, Jen, get with it. How could you have never noticed this?” But people are literally going crazy when they are out at the local campus establishments. To be honest, it’s starting to scare me a little bit. Here are some drinking 101s for how to behave when out socializing.

Please don’t cry at the bar. It’s just really bad form, and it’s something people do not forget. You really don’t want people to be pointing you out on campus as the girl who was crying at Dublin or Peggy’s for the past three weeks. I would hope that all of us who do go out have a friend who is sober enough to take you away from the situation and get you home. If you’re crying at the bar, it’s time to go home. Alcoholic beverages can bring out many emotions, but when you are crying, nothing good can come from that. Going out is supposed to be fun and a stress reliever. Ladies, I know this happens, believe me I have been there; the problem happens when this behavior becomes a weekly thing.

Please do not pick verbal fights while you are out. This is not the time or place to start an argument or heated discussion. Just because you have liquid courage does not mean you should use it. Fighting with an ex-boyfriend, -girlfriend or a current one is just tacky, and fighting with a friend or acquaintance is even worse. Do you really want to air your dirty laundry in front of other Drake students? Talking about something sober is always better and much more will be resolved if you do so.

Please do not physically fight at the bar. I don’t think I have to explain why, but just in case, I will. Guys, this does not make you seem macho, I know maybe for a few circumstances a physical fight may be unavoidable, such as self defense. However, don’t go starting fights and you probably won’t have that problem. Ladies, physically fighting is all wrong. Pulling hair and ripping clothes is so not necessary. Unless you are protecting yourself for self defense, it’s not necessary.

Please do not be the drunkest person in the place. If you are repeatedly, week after week, the drunkest person in the alcholic establishment, people begin to notice and then correlate that to your everyday self. We are all smart Drake University students; you know when you should go out and when you shouldn’t. If you are sick, on medication, or having an emotional day, probably not the best to go out. It will only bring negative results, either that night or the next day.

I do not know why people choose to do crazy and bad things when out at the bar. I know alcohol has a major influence in the way we act; however, how can people have two different personalities, one when drinking and a complete opposite one while sober? It really boggles my mind, and I think we have some kind of choice in the matter. Part of you chooses to be an angry drunk, a fun drunk or a scary drunk. You have the ability to control that and some of it may be prevented by you drinking less.

All students have had one of those nights where it seems as though an alien has taken over their bodies, and they are very embarrassed the next day and walk around with their tails between their legs and their heads down. Those nights happen and will probably happen to you again in your college career. Just keep yourself and your friends in check. People will forgive your behavior but will not always forget. I know it’s hard to control our drunken personas, but I believe in all of you. You are so much better than the drunken version of you. Good luck this weekend and, most importantly, be safe.



  1. Oh wow Jen, thank you for that insightful glance at social life at bars. In between your rambles of cliche remarks you manged to provide us all with some ??awe-inspiring advice that no one could have possibly known.

    “Going out is supposed to be fun” Mmm really? I thought it was supposed to be a time for dark depressions.

    “Don’t cry at the bar” Really? You had to include that because no one had enough sense that if you bawling your eyes out at a bar it might be time to go home?

    “Do not physically fight at the bar” I thought Dublin was more like a UFC Octagon then a bar? My mistake guess I’ll leave my hand-wraps and gloves at GK.

    “Don’t be the drunkest person in the place” ….no comment…

    If this was the best article that could have been mustered up the I hope to whatever higher power that your major is in no relation in any form to journalism, for I fear that this waste of space will be the death of the newspaper industry.

  2. I think this article is very insightful and funny, I got a lot out of it. Thanks Jen! I think this is a great piece of work and I have no worries about your future as a journalist.

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