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Student response to Vasilogambros column

In the Oct. 25 issue of The Times-Delphic, Matt Vasilogambros authored a column about the trip he and friends are planning to Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity.” Vasilogambros’ article eloquently expressed his opinion of current American politics, namely addressing the “hate-filled rhetoric that clouds our country’s political discourse” and the disappointing manner in which our politicians have succumbed to it.

But Vasilogambros’ article falls short in one way: it points the finger at politicians, pundits and parties without also recognizing the failures of democracy’s inherent source—the people. Vasilogrambros states that, “we should be able to trust our politicians to make the best decisions collectively for all Americans.” I agree—we should be able to do that; in an ideal society, we could. But the reality is much different.

Democracy recognizes that ideals and humans fail. That is why it places ultimate sovereignty in the people. Americans may be “upset and rightfully so,” but the fault is at least partially our own.

On Oct. 12 and 13, Olmsted was an early voting site. The polls were open for 12 hours. During those 12 hours, only 169 of Drake’s approximately 5,500 students voted. Before we point fingers, consider the failings of the American people as engaged, informed and active citizens.

Nov. 2 was Election Day. Drake Students could vote at First Christian Church on the corner of University & 25th. We are citizens of a democracy. If you want change, we, the people, have the power, the right and the responsibility to demand it.

Koester can be contacted at kayleigh.koester@drake.edu.

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