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Going pantless

Sounds awkward, right? No, I’m not Lady Gaga’s stylist. However, I am challenging you to go pantless.

Jeans came and conquered the world—they’re virtually everywhere. You don’t go a day without seeing someone on campus decked out in denim. Those Levi’s you’ve been wearing since you were practically born? They’ve been in closets and wardrobes since 1873. That’s over 100 years, which probably makes jeans one of the longest standing fashion trends in history. When will we ever say “adiós” to the denim monopoly?

The truth is, we won’t.

Because of the popularity of jeans, I’m not sure if I’d even consider them a fashion trend anymore, but rather an everyday necessity. For some people it is an obsession with their 20-plus pairs of jeans hanging in their closets. This necessity and obsession stems from the durability of jeans, the fun butt-pocket designs and their incredible ability to go with almost anything. The key word there is “almost,” folks; just because they’re compatible with everything doesn’t give you the right to wear them with hideous ponchos or sequin adorned Christmas sweaters.

Because denim has become an essential part of our everyday lives, it can be difficult to break the jeans habit, but there are easy steps to breaking this habit or in some instances, addiction. It’s time to free those lovely legs from the uncomfortable, straitjacket feeling of denim.

Ladies, give yourselves one day to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Stand out from your jeans-clad peers. This means going pantless. Take one day of the week to wear something other than jeans. Though I don’t condone running around in your underwear, allowing yourself to switch up your style can be a huge confidence booster, because when you tweak your style, people are bound to take notice. Thus, the compliments start flying. So bust out that adorable sweaterdress you purchased last November on Black Friday and wear it with pride.

When taking the initiative to go pantless, tights and leggings will become your new friends. Even with winter approaching, it’s doable. Much like you layer with sweaters and shirts, you can double-up tights for the extra warmth. Or, to achieve a cozy winter look, try layering with knee-high socks or leg warmers worn over tights. Pair your tights with dresses and cardigans, and your leggings with woven shirts, and you’ll be breaking free in no time.

For those of you who are not entirely sold on going pantless, there are other alternatives, such as jeggings. Jeggings are hot this year and come in a wide variety of washes and styles. From department stores to Target, jeggings are available almost everywhere, making them readily attainable and affordable if you’re not willing to drop $100 on spandex jeans. They provide the pantless spandex feeling of leggings but have the look and that familiar feeling of jeans. If you’re still not comfortable showing that much leg, pair your jeggings with a long, woven top, belt it and you’re good to go!

Warning: this does not make it acceptable to wear leggings with a tight-fitting T-shirt or your favorite Drake sweatshirt—we really don’t want to see that much leg, and it looks sloppy. Long story short, no one is going to take you seriously in a sweatshirt and leggings.

And dudes, it’s advisable that you keep your pants on. We’d prefer not to see you in kilt-like attire.

Wear what you like, but don’t be afraid to try something new, like going pantless. In times of stress—hello, college!—it’s nice to do something fun and simple, like enhancing your style. Don’t be afraid to peel back the denim and show a little leg.

Dyar is a first-year magazine and graphic design major and can be contacted at nicole.dyar@drake.edu.

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