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  1. Mary Lou Reynolds says:

    I am not an alum of Drake. I have lived in Iowa for 50 years. I noticed your article on my AOL website and was curious and clicked on it. I appreciate your concern for the security and welfare of your students. As I read the article I notice it said that the Senate had allowed $384.45 d0llars tot the Woman’s Ultimate Club and $2,385ndollars to the Men’s Ultimate Club to fund trips to upcoming tournaments. How was this determined? Why was more allowed to the men’s club than the woman’s club? I am just curious. Thank you for clarifying this issue for me.
    Mary Lou Reynolds

    1. Tim Webber says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for reading the article.

      Both clubs determined how much money they would need for the tournaments and submitted that request to the Student Senate. The women’s club only asked for $384, while the men’s club requested over $2,000.

      There are a couple reasons for the discrepancies in cost. First, the men’s club has considerably more players than the women’s club, so it will be more of an operation for them to go to their tournament. Second, the men’s tournament is held in Minnesota, while the women’s tournament will be just down the road in Grinnell, Ia. Because of the distance, the men’s team will have to stay overnight in Minnesota. That will add a lot to the cost of the tournament.

      I hope that helps clear up the issue. Thanks,
      Tim Webber