Automotives a foreign language?

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  1. ? says:

    What was this article supposed to be addressing? I guess if it was the author’s complete incompetence with cars, really you don’t know what a sparkplug is, then good work. What happened to informative journalism? Perhaps if you went to the Drake garage and pointed out certain flaws in their pricing and gave alternative places to take your car, that would have been useful. Instead I just wasted minutes of my life learning that your sister has a horse and she pays thousands of idiotic dollars to ride it. I want those minutes back…

  2. Samantha Haas says:

    A well-written, and I thought, quite funny article. Also, though I’m not a guy who doesn’t know anything about cars, I am a girl who doesn’t, and I appreciate the sentiment of the article. It’s too bad everyone didn’t get the chance to enjoy this fun read. Or have the guts to put their name on their comments 🙂