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Member from the Greek community responds to Collins’ column

First of all, let me be clear. I’m one of those girls with “Social Chair stamped on my forehead.” Well actually, I was one of those girls. I suppose now I’m one of those girls with “Risk Management” stamped on my forehead.

You see, last year, I was social chair for my chapter. Now, I sit as the VP of Risk Management on the Panhellenic Council. You need a venue in Des Moines? A busing company? The best priced caterer in town? Yeah, I can probably give you a multitude of options. I don’t say this to impress you—you definitely shouldn’t be. Unless I somehow end up pursuing a career as a wedding planner, these skills will be completely useless outside the shiny Drake bubble. I say this because I want you to know where I’m coming from. I’ve done sorority social events inside and out, literally.

So, here is the deal: This article offends me. It offends my Panhellenic sisters, my chapter and most importantly, Drake University. Anyone will tell you that we’ve had our share of issues involving alcohol here at Drake. But the Greek community that I stepped into as a freshman was a completely different world than what I experience now as a junior. I know for a fact that I’m not only speaking for my chapter when I say that there have been some pretty drastic changes in order to live up to the values that our organizations were founded on. These changes are slow and steady, but they are there and undeniable. Want some examples? This semester, the women of Alpha Phi brought their dates ice-skating. The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the women of Delta Gamma went rollerblading. Last fall, Kappa Kappa Gamma took their dates to the Blank Park Zoo. I could go on, but rather than boring you, I’ll just assure you, the stereotypes so heartily embraced in this article are slowly and surely disappearing on this campus.

I’m not a fun-hater. In fact, defending our risk management policies and our changing social scene isn’t what I’m trying to accomplish in this response. The article is funny, right? It has some cute little anecdotes and there is that clever thing with the lyrics at the end. But, I ask, what happens when a Drake alum reads this article about pre-gaming, fratfits and solo cups? How about the group of men and women who chose not to join a sorority or fraternity? Or perhaps the visiting high school senior who is considering going through recruitment next fall? My guess is, after reading an article embracing a “Thirsty-Thursday Hookup,” they aren’t about to show a lot of respect for the organizations that we represent. The organizations, might I mention, that were founded on leadership, friendship, service and scholarship.

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It deeply saddens me that this article was even printed. To find our campus newspaper perpetuating the stereotypes that we try so hard to combat is unbelievably disheartening. Let me clarify, I whole-heartedly believe in the sorority and fraternity community. I wouldn’t have spent my much-needed homework time on this response if I didn’t. The thing is, I want people outside the Greek community to see that, too. With articles like “Prepare for the Party” how can we ever expect them to?

Emily Meyer

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Comments (4)

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  • L

    Lori LuzaMar 8, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Dear Emily,

    Kudos! Thank you for your well-written response to the recent Opinion article. It is one that all members of Greek-letter organizations can share with pride.

    You are right. While the article may have run in the Opinion section, the Editor had the power to refuse to run the harmful piece. I hope that to make up for the error in judgment, the paper will create a regular feature showcasing the “leadership, friendship, service and scholarship” of your campus’ organizations.

    Thank you for your “devotion to the Right, the Good, and the True” (to borrow a line from the Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha). You make us all proud!

    in Panhellenic sisterhood,

  • M

    Mary Bess BollingMar 4, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I would like to point out that an opinion piece is not the same as an article. Read below (or in the ‘About Us’ section at right) for The Times-Delphic’s stated mission with opinion pieces. The last sentence is the most pertinent to your piece.

    “The Times-Delphic is a student newspaper published semi-weekly during the regular academic year and is produced by undergraduate students at Drake University. The opinions of staff editorials reflect the institutional opinion of the newspaper based on current staff opinions and the newspaper’s traditions. These opinions do not necessarily reflect those of individual employees of the paper, Drake University or members of the student body. All other opinions appearing throughout the paper are those of the author or artist named within the column or cartoon.”

  • F

    Fraternity MemberMar 4, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    I agree with you completely. I believe that sometimes fraternity/sorority members lose sight of what is important in these organizations, and the real reasons why you should be a member. I think that this realization comes with time, as you state you are a junior while emma is only a sophmore. I think the first couple of years of being a member are filled with exchanges, social events and parties all things clouding judgements of why being in a fraternity or sorority is actually beneficial. Not until you become an upperclassman do I think you realize the connections, relationships and things you have learned during your time in these organizations is what is really going to help you out in life. I think of it this way, I joined a fraternity for the possible opprotunities brotherhood will give me later on in life and the bonds I have built with my brothers, not for the drinking/parties/”sorostitutes”.

  • G

    GreekAlumnaMar 3, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Thank you, Emily. With women like you in Drake’s Greek Life the stereotypes can and will be broken, the quality of its members will continue to be strong, and lifelong friendships will continue to be formed.