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Where to eat, from Dogtown to Downtown

Photo by StefanKW | Pixabay

Food is an essential part of anyone’s life. While Drake does offer Hubbell as a dining option, sometimes I want to spend my money on food that is not Hubbell. But I always find myself struggling with where to eat. If you are like me and need food recommendations, I have got you covered! Here are some of my favorite restaurants in the Drake area!

When I was a first-year without a car, the best option was Drake Diner. With it being a 15-minute walk from my quad, I found myself eating there when I needed something that reminded me of something near my hometown. I tend to always get their burger with fries, but they do have a variety of other food options too. The prices are not that bad either! It is good for my friends and I who work on a Drake student pay rate.

When I found myself without a car and sick of Drake Diner, another place that I enjoy in Dogtown is Lucky Horse. With it being a 12-minute walk from my quad, I think that the food is quite good. The few times that I have been there, I have gotten their prime rib sandwich with fries. Their cheese curds are quite good as well! Growing up having made frequent trips to Wisconsin, I feel like I have a good idea of what cheese curds should be, and Lucky Horse does them amazingly well. The menu also offers vegetarian options, which I will check out during lent!

Once I bought my car, I found myself exploring a bunch of different dining places around Des Moines. One of the first places that I went to was Thai Flavors, and I still frequent it. I have gotten a mix of their fusion food, but my favorite so far has been their green curry with beef. But they also have a lot of vegetarian options too! The curry is quite spicy. I do not have the best spice tolerance (and I will admit it!), but my friends who love spice think that the spice is quite good as well. But, they offer more than just curry. Their fried rice is good as well! For the price, their sizes are good as well! If you are looking for good Thai food, this is one of the best places to go!

In the same vein as Asian food, one of my favorite sushi places in Downtown Des Moines is Akebono 515. When it comes to sushi, I have not had anything better than Akebono 515. What is the most impressive thing to me is the fact that they offer vegetarian sushi. This is always hard to come by when it comes to sushi, and so the fact that it is an option is great. Their tofu fries are amazing as well! Their ramen is good as well, even though they only offer two kinds.


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