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Students reflect on their fall experiences

Photo courtesy of Valiphotos | Pixabay

Drake University resumed classes Oct. 20 after a four-day fall break. During this time, Drake students travelled domestically or spent their leisure time locally. 

Max Masko, a sophomore studying history and anthropology/sociology, stayed on campus over fall break. “I live in Indiana but I have family here in Des Moines, or around Des Moines, so I just stayed here on campus. I was with friends who were in town every single day and all day long pretty much,” said Masko. 

Masko said he spent a lot of time outside playing yard games with his friends since the weather was beautiful. 

Sami Kalman and Brian Orellana travelled to their respective homes during the four-day break. Kalman, a junior studying advertising, said she did multiple activities with her family. “I went to a movie theater and saw ‘Halloween Kills’ with my parents and grandma. I also went to a corn maze with my family,” said Kalman. Kalman is from Shakopee, Minnesota.

Kalman said she doesn’t like how fall break is set up. “It’s awkward because not everyone’s break starts the same day. I can’t tell if I was lucky or unlucky that my break started on a Thursday because I got to spend more time with my family, but it threw me out of my school routine,” said Kalman. 

Orellana, a sophomore studying secondary education and math education, spent time with his family like Kalman. “I went back home to Houston. I visited my family and attended a Maluma concert with my mom and sister,” said Orellana. 

Orellana said that break should be Friday and Monday instead of Monday and Tuesday. “It would give people extra time to go home on Friday, for those who have classes Friday,” said Orellana. 

Aayushi Sarkar, a sophomore studying health science, travelled to Colorado alongside her teammates from the women’s golf team. “Fall break gives students time to relax, see family or go on a trip with friends,” said Sarkar. 

For students like Liz Emmert, fall break is a time to improve mental health. “I personally hadn’t had a day off in two months, so just getting a few extra days to not even think about classes was very refreshing. I think that with how poor mental health is campus wide, [fall break] was greatly needed to try and recharge,” said Emmert. 

Emmert said she went back home to Topeka, Kansas, to spend time with family, who she hasn’t seen since July. 

Thomas Karandjeff, a freshman studying business and human resources management, said his fall break was busy. “I left Des Moines Saturday morning and flew back Tuesday evening to take advantage of the limited time. A couple of my friends and I spent Saturday outside and went shopping,” said Karandjeff.

Karandjeff said the length of break was adequate, but students would appreciate a longer break. “College students in particular need a time to recharge and focus on their mental health, and four days just isn’t enough time to do that,” said Karandjeff. While four days is short, Karandjeff said students can still catch up on sleep and socialize with friends without the added stress of early morning classes and assignments.

Karandjeff said he is excited to see his friends and fraternity brothers when he gets back on campus.  


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