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Commentary: Horoscopes for 9/29

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What iconic fall activity should you use to kick off the start of autumn based on your zodiac sign?


The newfound crispness of the air seems to whisper that autumn is starting. A season of evolution, leaving the negative behind and embracing comfort is worth celebrating. While waiting for the leaves to change and getting your Halloween costumes ready, there are many ways to usher in the new season.



For the earth signs who like to be on the move and enjoy tinkering with things, it is time to explore your own plans for the spooky season. Have a brainstorming session on what Halloween costume you would like to rock whether by yourself or with friends. Take time and have fun with it. Get a head start on crafting some new elements. Do not edit or over analyze your creativity, but allow yourself to try new things and go with the flow this week.



For these friendly air signs with amazing aesthetics, the best way to kick off fall is with a photoshoot. Gather some friends and dress up in your best Fall fashion and get some good shots for your social media — or maybe even for the dating apps. It is the perfect time to open yourself up to new connections. Use it as an excuse to do the TikTok ghost trend if you have been wanting to.



These badass water signs need a break from being cool and serious. Invite some friends over and make a good old-fashioned pillow and blanket fort, then watch your friends’ favorite childhood fall movies. Whether it is taking a trip down memory lane with Monstober on Disney or Practical Magic, it will be a great way to unwind. You can even end the night by telling ghost stories. Allow yourself to indulge in nostalgia this week and let others make decisions to take some stuff off your plate.



Fire signs who enjoy being challenged should use this time to go on more adventures. Try an escape room, make some smores and play Clue with friends. Embrace the mystery, and allow friends to help you through the journey. This month offers clarity if you allow yourself to see it.



Earth signs who are used to feeling responsible, it is your time to let others take on the responsibility. Let yourself participate in some tomfoolery… hijinks, if you will. Pull a harmless prank, catch a comedy show, do something that allows you to laugh like kids who are trying to share their trick-or-treating jokes. Treat yourself to some tricks and allow yourself to not take everything so seriously.



As air signs who enjoy freedom and fun, be entranced by the spooky, look into old lore, hunt a ghost or come up with your own legend. Have some fun and create your own fall time tradition and convince others it is a thing. Have fun and dive deep into the possibilities, or reinvent a favorite tradition of yours. Accepting change and allowing it to be positive can offer a sense of serenity this month.



Water signs who learn fantastically have the opportunity to spot hidden treasure all around them. Head to the Valley Junction Theatrical Shop or go antiquing with friends. Try to find the best, craziest, spookiest, funniest, most obscure item in each store and challenge your friends to do the same. Looking for the unexpected in the mundane will make the next few weeks amazing for you.



For a fire sign who can become bored easily, it is important to choose activities that you find engaging. Your thrill for the dare and willingness to try new things makes going to a Haunted House or watching a horror flick the perfect way for you to kick off the fall festivities. Try things that scare and challenge you in these next few weeks. 



Being a homebody who loves everything cozy and comfortable makes autumn a magical time for these earth signs. In the next few weeks, embrace coziness and take time for quiet contemplation. Start the season off with some baking or enjoying a warm cup of apple cider or tea while cuddled up in your favorite blanket. Allow yourself to rest and recharge.



For these charismatic air signs, this is a perfect time to spend time building relationships using the changing weather as a backdrop. Invite friends to go apple picking and have a picnic before it is too cold. Embrace nature, take the opportunity to study outside or relax in a hammock. Allow nature to nourish you.



As empathetic air signs who enjoy being comfortable and relaxing, having a chill weekend with friends is the best thing for you. Have a bonfire or tailgate for a football game. Gather with those who you feel close to and enjoy watching a game. Even if sports are not your thing, wear your comfiest sweatshirt, enjoy some popcorn, and chat with friends. You may enjoy it more than you think is possible.



Creative fire signs that seem to exude warmth are thriving, even if it may not feel like it. Making decorations for fall will be a perfect outlet. Pick up a pumpkin to carve or paint. For those on a budget, go to a park and make a day out of collecting pine cones. These can be used as decorations alone, or paint and other materials can spruce them up. Look into making bird feeders to share with the wildlife. Take notice of your surroundings and how you feel this next week.


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