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Students adjust to first weeks of classes

Photo courtesy of Alexandr Podvalny | Pexels

With the first week of classes underway, students at Drake University are getting adjusted to being back on campus and attending in-person classes despite being fully online last year. Some students love the transition; others are not so excited to be back in person. 

Tina Tran, a senior, has been remote for most of her undergraduate degree at Drake. 

“Being on campus and in-person has been joyful,” Tran said, “I’ve been trying to balance my personal and professional life by rewarding myself with frequent breaks and coffee chats with my peers on campus.” 

Sophomore Keziah Musoba found last year difficult. 

“I’m really excited to be back on campus. Last year was difficult because of online classes and limited social activities. This semester feels different, the campus almost feels crowded,” Musoba said.  

Sophomore Kate Shaechter was fully online last year and said that coming back in person was “abrupt.” 

“The jump back in person was really abrupt,” said Shaechter, “I feel very fortunate to have had people on campus looking out for me.”

Although, some Drake students are happy to be back on campus.

“Classes are going well, I’m meeting new people, and getting more active with walking to classes. I’m feeling great at the moment,” sophomore Emily Elmer. 

Senior Cindy Ojeda is happy with the change as well. 

“All of my classes are in-person, which is great! I love being back on campus for my senior year,” says Ojeda. 

Senior Leigh Carlson said she finds being on-campus and in-person “refreshing.”

“I learn much more, and better, in this fashion. Lots of reconnecting and smiling has happened this week. The main challenge being back to in-person class for me is getting out of bed and to class on time,” Carlson said.

Sophomore Grace Brunner also said that the learning environment is better in-person. 

“The adjustment from virtual classes to mostly in-person classes has been great. I learn so much better when I can talk to professors and classmates in person. It’s scary with COVID still being present in Iowa, but I love being able to interact with people on campus,” says Grace Brunner, a sophomore. 

Sophomore Deeqa Ali likes the adjustment as well, for her academics and social life. 

She said, “I enjoy being able to connect with classmates and professors. It’s also nice being able to meet new people while staying safe, but not having the restrictions we had last year.”

But, some students have started to feel overwhelmed from in-person classes.

“At first it was really overwhelming. But what really helped me was my planner. I was also able to meet more people and make study groups for my classes,” sophomore Ayana Brown said. 

Senior Grace Emerson hopes that Drake can stay in-person if people keep doing their part to prevent COVID outbreaks.

She said, “I studied abroad the second half of my sophomore year, so the last time I was on campus was sophomore year. I hope that we can stay that way as long as people keep wearing their masks and getting vaccinated.”


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