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Just Dance: the pinnacle of gaming?

Just Dance is the best thing to ever happen. A bold statement I am well aware, but the universal truth. I can be playing on that game dancing my life away for hours without realizing time has passed. It is a stress reliever, a workout and a therapy session all in one. 

I have loved Just Dance since it was still being numbered as opposed to being named for the year it was released. 

Just Dance 4 is the superior game and every song on there is a bop. My roommates and I bought a Wii this year (hey it’s a global pandemic, I think WE ALL BOUGHT A WII) and one of the games we managed to find in the depths of one of our basements/attics/shrines was Just Dance. 

It’s been a great bonding experience, learning synchronized dance moves and complaining when you do not get the points you deserve is something that really brings folks together. On that note, I totally feel like Just Dance has something against me because sometimes it won’t give me the perfect score I deserve, I still love them…. but it’s an unrequited love. Even with my go-to, the holy song of Umbrella, against the skill and height of my other roommates, I cannot claim victory. 

That being said, we have truly reached new heights in our boogie skills. The amount of dance moves I will have to take to the club. Yes all my moves will be very arm based and people will wonder why my right arm is so buff but they will never understand the shoulder workout it is to hold that remote. You either have the moves or you don’t, what can I say.

And we did what I didn’t realize could be done, we maxed out on available points. 

Look in our defense, we do it on the random shuffle mode and have at least three of us playing at once. That’s a lot of mojo points gained in a round. And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. 

What can I say, there’s so much world out there for us to explore. Maybe one day, when we are feeling particularly brave, we will break out the Just Dance Kids, and truly learn what it means to have dance skills. 


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