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Diploma in hand, memories in heart

Photo by Allyn Benkowich | Staff Photographer

            For students about to walk across the stage at graduation and wave goodbye to their time at Drake, this Relays will be their last. 

            Freshman and sophomore students at Drake have yet to experience their first time attending Drake Relays. While juniors and seniors are hoping to celebrate their final chance at the races.

            After COVID-19 hit hard last March causing city shut downs and online school, Drake decided to cancel their annual Drake Relays.

            As Drake prepares for a relaxed, COVID safe Relays, Drakes 2021 graduating class recalls some of their favorite memories. 

            “My favorite Relays memory was going to see the AJR and Marc E. Bassy concert with my friends my sophomore year, it was so much fun,” Darshika Desai said.

            “I will definitely miss seeing Forest Avenue filled with food trucks and all of the track & field fans.”

            Everyone is going to miss their friends and the countless memories that they have made in the halls of Drake buildings. 

“I’m going to miss seeing not only my friends but seeing random classmates I’ve gotten to know over the years,” Madeline Vanderfeen said.

“When I look back on my time here, my favorite activities included Relays week & participating in all the traditions that surround it. I will miss philanthropy events hosted by different fraternities and sororities and laying in Helmick Commons once the weather finally hit 60 again.” 

Students from every corner of campus come out to mingle and join the fun that Relays has to offer each year. 

“One of my favorite memories was singing the National Anthem with the Brocals for Saturday Relays events my freshman and sophomore year and seeing my track team run from high school was also a great memory,” Noah Brinkmeyer said. 

“It is cool seeing everyone out and about for an entire week. Groups that you may never normally hangout with, if you never hangout with the athletes, you might find yourself hanging out with the athletes and that’s awesome. Members of different fraternities and non-Greek Life members all come together.”

The week of Relays holds so many traditions for Drake students to participate in.

“One of my favorite memories was watching the Olympic races with my friends when all the students came together and filled the stadium with positive energy,” Michael Spanbauer said.

“I was also able to participate in painting Painted Street by helping my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon paint a square my sophomore year and the best part was ending up covered in paint.”

            Though Relays was dearly missed last year by so many students, faculty and alumni, there are many memories to be made in the stands, on the track and on campus this April.


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